What Really Goes into Creating a Pendulum?

Originally posted on 18/07/2017 by Isabella via speakingofwitchwands.net

Isabella @TheWandCarver

Have you ever wondered why your pendulum, if you are a pendulum dowser, is made from the crystal or the wood, or even a metal, that was used in its creation? Maybe you only purchased it because you thought the pendulum was beautiful…or perhaps you bought it because you resonated with the crystal used. Just maybe you had deeper thought into why you chose your pendulum.  If you did, I am one of those who think about “why” as well.

I don’t know what other people who make pendulums think about when they create some of the stunning pendulums they make, I only know what goes through my own mind as I choose the wood or the stone/crystal with which I create ours. It’s not very likely I’ll create something simply for its looks. I don’t choose woods or crystals for any reason, whether for a wand or a piece of jewellery, or as in this topic, a pendulum, simply because it is pretty. Of course, from a customer’s point of view it helps for it to be attractive…otherwise some items could sit upon the shelf for an eternity if the customer finds it appallingly ugly.

Lapis Lazuli Crescent Moon
photo by i. macy

So, what do I think when creating pendulums for our customers? First, I look at the crystal or wood’s meaning. For example, I try to choose a crystal / wood which has links or properties, if you will, which will help facilitate dowsing. For instance, one crystal I love to use for dowsing pendulums is Obsidian which is known as “the stone of truth”. Whatever you are seeking cannot be kept secret from with Obsidian. And, it shows both the positive and negative sides, so be prepared to take the answers as they are. Another crystal I believe to be beneficial to the dowser is Smoky Quartz. One of its properties is that it is a grounding stone, which is something the dowser needs to be as they work. It can keep away negative energies from the dowser as he or she works to find answers either for themselves or someone else. I believe my favourite crystal for pendulums, however, is Lapis Lazuli. Not only is it a stunning colour but it also has the capacity to activate the higher mind, to enhance and assist communication on all levels. All things very important to the pendulum dowser.

But, what about wood dowsing pendulums? As it happens, wood was probably the first material used for pendulum dowsing. Of course, many beautiful stones and crystals have been available to man/womankind throughout the ages but we must also remember that in many cases very far back in the past, many stones and crystals were only allowed to be used by royalty and people of prestige. So, wooden pendulums were most likely the pendulum by necessity. My personal favourite is my Yew pendulum. However, unless I’m able to find Yew to be at my disposal it isn’t terribly likely we’ll have Yew pendulums in our shop. My second favourite? Oak!

photo by i. macy

The Celtic people have always revered Oak. In the Celtic Ogham, Duir is the word or name for Oak. There are accounts that trace the name “druid” to duir from Oak. More interestingly, the actual translation of duir is “door” and lore indicates the spiritually advanced Celts would access the ethereal planes of higher thought (psychic vision or soul-thought) by “opening the oak door.”

Therefore, we felt that the Oak was the best idea for a pendulum as when we dowse, we are looking for answers, we are opening a door of sorts to find answers to our queries. We also have been using Magnolia with enormous success. Magnolia promotes psychic development and it aids meditation and spiritual opening, which makes it an ideal choice for a pendulum.

Poplar pendulum by i.macy

In addition to the Magnolia and Oak pendulums we have had over the years, we have recently included a beauty of a Poplar pendulum. The “Spirit of Poplar” is a guide during pendulum divination. The Poplar spirit is a keen guide into the world of divination and seeing true, as well as a bridge-builder between Earth and Spirit realms. It’s powers include Hope, Rebirth, Divination, Astral Projection, Courage, Ancestry, Protection, Healing and deity who honour Poplar included the Morrigan and Hecate.

We hope this helps you in deciding upon which type of dowsing pendulum is for you. Perhaps at least when you shop for a pendulum, whether with us or someone else, you will be able to think about what you need from your pendulum, no matter whether it is wood or stone. Your pendulum should be a tool which you can feel a connection with as you must trust it to give the true answers to your queries. And, as always, we welcome any questions on our Etsy shop, should you have them. Many thanks for reading and warmest blessings )O(

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