Am I a Witch?

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @thewandcarver

A penny for every time I have been asked this! I can’t tell anyone whether they are a witch or not just by looking at them.  Nor can I tell them if they are a witch because “their grandmother was one”, or “my very first spell worked!”, or “I feel drawn to the occult”.  It is something you will just know is all I can really tell you.  I do think all people have the propensity to be magickal.  I do believe if we all let down all the old notions what hold us back we can truly work great magick.  But can I tell you if you are a witch? Not really. However, don’t despair…. There may be ways round that!

One of the things I have studied in my very long “witchy career” is a bit of palmistry.  I am not a master of palmistry by no means, but I do enjoy learning about what all those lines in our hands mean.  It’s like reading tea leaves… I have dabbled in that as well but no Master of It.  I’m more about tarot readings and dream readings.  Still, I have picked up enough knowledge that I may be able to help you realise the answer to your query by just looking at your own hand!

Witch’s Mark / Secret Cross

witches crosses on palm
witches marks ~ photo by i.macy

Firstly, there is the Witch’s Mark, or the “Secret Cross”.  Simply put, it is an “X” mark on either or both hands, located between your head and heart lines on your palms.  In the photo I took of my left hand, you may struggle to see, but there are three Witch’s Marks there.  And on my right hand, there are three as well. What this means is, according to palmists, that the bearer of one or more of these have known about their magickal powers from a very young age.  For me, this is true, for I knew – instinctively – at the age of 5.  Those of us bearing this cross or crosses have a natural inclination toward the occult.  And, according to studies, only 3% of people have the Secret Cross on their palm[s].  I’m still wondering how I got three of them!   I have also read somewhere, although I haven’t found this information as I write, that the number of crosses you have relate to how many times you have been on the earth as a witch.  I might be inclined to think this a possibility as I have always felt I have been here as a witch before… but not only that, whilst doing a past life regression once, I had the vision of myself being buried in a very shallow grave near a roadside inn where I think I may have lived,  in a wooded area in Essex. I wasn’t completely dead; I remember looking up through slitted eyes and seeing the late afternoon sun beaming down through the tall trees and smelling the tannin in the leaves being shovelled over me. I felt at peace, no longer being hunted and tortured for something I did to help others… as if I were a healer of sorts.  There are other past life regressions in which I have felt it possible that I was, or was at the very least, accused of witchcraft.  But do not take this as actual proof of how many times you’ve lived as a witch.  I could be wrong because I don’t know everything about this.

Psychic Crosses

Moving along to other marks on your palms that might prove you are a witch.  You may also find other small crosses on the mounds of your inner knuckles at the base of each finger.  These are called “Psychic Crosses”.  Now, if you look at either hand, palm facing you, your little finger is ruled by Mercury, your ring finger is ruled by Sun, your middle finger is ruled by Saturn, and your index finger is ruled by Jupiter [your thumb is ruled by Venus, but the Psychic Crosses, to my knowledge, are only found on the four mounds at the base of each finger]. Roughly speaking, having a cross imprinted on one of these mounds means that that planet blessed your birth.  Now, here is a table of what finding a cross below whichever finger[s] means:

Index Finger This is the finger of Jupiter. Therefore, the psychic cross on this finger means that good luck of the Jupiter is by your side. The magical opportunities will arise which are going to help you reach for success. It also means that you have an uncanny capacity for magical wisdom. You can become very powerful as you can absorb powerful knowledge. Wise Teachers are attracted by you. Later in your life you are destined to become a magical teacher.

Middle Finger This is the finger of Saturn. Thus, if a psychic cross is found there you are blessed by Saturn – the planet of Witches. You can learn through both the easy and the tough way. Moreover, you have been blessed by a hard and strict teacher, but you learn Magic through your experiences. You will discover your extremely great power capacity once you’ve found some quality time for yourself. Meditation works miracles for you as well as Dream Magic!

Ring Finger This is the finger of the Sun. Therefore, if you spot a cross there, you are blessed by Sun and Apollo, the God of Magic and Prophecy. You have the power to attract what you need in your life. You are an enchanter / enchantress. This means that your love life can become an inspiration in your magical activities. When you are sexually active you find enlightenment – through the pleasure. Tap into the Solar Power.

Little Finger This is the finger of Mercury. Mind, this changes everything. Mercury is the planet associated with all magical works and divination. Since early age, you’ve met the magical world.  Therefore, if you are blessed with this sign you are born to love magic and be good at it. It means, my darlings, that Mercury – Hermes, the wise god, has blessed your birth making you a powerful mage / witch. Use your brain and your heart to develop your magical abilities.

In case you are curious, my Psychic Cross is under Saturn… which makes sense in light of my knowing I’ve been a witch since an early age 😊 And, it is amazing how spot on it is!

Psychic Triangle

Next, in the palm, you may find you have a small triangle located below your ring finger.  This is called “The Psychic Triangle”.  This is neither a good or a bad thing, depending upon how you wish to view it.  Look closer, this sign may not be that obvious. The palm signs might be pale and hard to notice.  This means that for some reason you have – intentionally or unintentionally blocked your powers. Sometimes, we – our higher selves to be exact – block our magickal powers when we have committed “magickal crimes” in our past lives, or we used our magick for dark purposes. This is a defence mechanism so that we don’t hurt ourselves more.  The key to unlock our powers is love and acceptance of ourselves and others. We can easily become powerful witches once again when we forgive the others and ourselves. Of course, a spell breaking ritual, cleansing, and a power awakening spell will help!

The Healer’s Mark

If you have four or more parallel lines underneath your little finger [on the mound just underneath the finger] this is an indication that the bearer of these marks is a powerful healer. In many cases doctors, nurses, and life coaches have these marks, then so do successful Reiki and Pranic healers as well as witches whom heal. The bearer of the Healer’s Mark has the great ability to touch the hearts of people and find ways to heal their scars, both emotional and physical and can heal through most any method they choose.  As one who bears these marks, my method of healing is generally through candle magick.

Astral Travel Lines

Under the Mount of the Moon, these palm signs indicate a natural ability to transcend time and space.  The Mount of the Moon is located, with your right or left-hand palm facing you, a fingertip in from the outside of your palm inward between the ends of your head and heart lines. Hold your fingertip there and let your eyes follow down your palm and see if you have several thin lines running horizontally below.  If so, you are an Astral traveller! You can Astral travel without knowing it.  Some say that every dream is a trip to the Astral plane but that isn’t necessarily true.  I’m sure you, like most of us have had a very strange dream and your mother or friend tells you it “must have been something you ate”.  Well, that can be true sometimes.  If you already practise Astral travel, then you know when you have been to the Astral plane in a “dream”.  You can even plan to go where you wish in a dream.  A very good friend of mine and her husband would plan where they wanted to meet up and spend time together before falling asleep at night and be able to do so through Astral travel. It was a wonderful thing to be able to do because, you see, he was dying, and he could no longer take her on dates, but this way they could meet in the Astral plane and he was whole and healthy there, so they could fully enjoy their “nights out”.  It is a beautiful way to use this wonderful technique.

This is only one of many reasons to use Astral travel or as some call it, Astral projection.  I call it “riding the hedge” because I am a hedge witch.  I use riding the hedge to correspond with my ancestors and others.  It doesn’t matter what you prefer to call it, nor does it matter if you have a lot of lines on your palm to say you are an Astral traveller, because, anybody can practise Astral travel.  Just learn how to safely and responsibly.  Perhaps I’ll blog about that soon!

So… are you a witch?  Probably 😊

Many thanks for reading my blog.  Warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x



2 thoughts on “Am I a Witch?

  1. Great knowledge is found here on this day of The All Father. Deep gratitude to you Isabella. You are certainly handing knowledge and wisdom forth in such a kind way. May the God’s qnd Ancestors continue to bless and protect you and your surroundings.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, thank you, Kenny! I am blessed and pray you and yours are kept safe and protected in every way. Warmest blessings to you, my friend x


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