Happy New Year and Happy Hogmanay 2022

This won’t take up much room or time. Only wishing everyone well-wishes for the upcoming new year. Unfortunately my Scottish friends and family won’t be able to celebrate Hogmanay as thoroughly as I know they can in better times, still, I believe we shall get there before long.

I hope as we go into the new year that everyone is healthy and well. Thank you to everyone who follows me here and for your kind readership. Let’s all put our collective energies together and seek to make 2022 better than ever. Let’s carry on working for Climate Change and for keeping each other safe. Let us be for peace. Let us be for love. Let us be for a better future for our descendants.

Enjoy the evening and enjoy whomever you’re with. Much love to all and many thanks for reading and warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x