Auntie Moon

Originally posted on 27/07/2017 by Isabella

by Isabella @TheWandCarver

Little Isobel sat by her Nana’s modest farmhouse window one night, gazing silently at something she had never recalled seeing before in her life…it scared her just a little, still, it was too beautiful for her to be completely afraid.

Aunie Moon picture 1
from Google UK – unknown artist

“What has your attention so, child?” asked Nana as she picked the 4-year-old Isobel up and planted her firmly in her lap.  Isobel sank back into her Nana’s arms and pointed to the enormous, scary, beautiful light in the inky night sky.

“What is it, Nana?”

Nana kissed the top of Isobel’s head and said, “Why, Isobel! Have you never seen Auntie Moon?”  Isobel shuddered slightly, yet feeling safe in Nana’s arms, she replied, “Mummy told me about ‘Man in the Moon'”.  Nana smiled.  “Isobel, my love, there is no Man in the Moon.  That is simply a fairy-tale.  I will tell you about Auntie Moon!”

Isobel loved Nana’s stories, so she curled up, still staring at the full, golden saucer in the sky. “Please tell me, Nana!”

“Each month, the Moon becomes huge and round.  Most people call it a Full Moon.  But! Not everyone knows that she is our Auntie, in a way”.  When she is full and bright, she calls down to her Sister Earth.  Auntie Moon says, “Sister, I have been given our Father, the Sun’s light so that I may watch over you and your children tonight, so that you will know that you are loved and protected.”  Then Mother Earth replies, “Come closer, Sister, so that we may embrace! Tell our Father Sun thank you for his light and love.  My children and I are very thankful to you both and we send our warmest regards and love to you!”  Then, Mother Earth’s children, whom are just like you and me, go out and make wishes, have festivals and much fun and love are shared as they play beneath Auntie Moon’s light!  And of course, being good children, they give their thanks to Auntie Moon, as well.

Isobel normally fell asleep during a story, yet, she was energised by this tale!  “Nana!  May you and I go outside and have a ‘fessible’?”

Nana laughed till tears formed in the corners of her eyes and when she contained herself she said, “We may have a small festival, Isobel, my darling!  We can take some cakes and juice outside, you can make wishes!  And then, poppet, I will draw down the moon…just for you!”

Isabella Macy ©2013