Am I a Witch?

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

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A penny for every time I have been asked this! I can’t tell anyone whether they are a witch or not just by looking at them.  Nor can I tell them if they are a witch because “their grandmother was one”, or “my very first spell worked!”, or “I feel drawn to the occult”.  It is something you will just know is all I can really tell you.  I do think all people have the propensity to be magickal.  I do believe if we all let down all the old notions what hold us back we can truly work great magick.  But can I tell you if you are a witch? Not really. However, don’t despair…. There may be ways round that!

One of the things I have studied in my very long “witchy career” is a bit of palmistry.  I am not a master of palmistry by no means, but I do enjoy learning about what all those lines in our hands mean.  It’s like reading tea leaves… I have dabbled in that as well but no Master of It.  I’m more about tarot readings and dream readings.  Still, I have picked up enough knowledge that I may be able to help you realise the answer to your query by just looking at your own hand!

Witch’s Mark / Secret Cross

witches crosses on palm
witches marks ~ photo by i.macy

Firstly, there is the Witch’s Mark, or the “Secret Cross”.  Simply put, it is an “X” mark on either or both hands, located between your head and heart lines on your palms.  In the photo I took of my left hand, you may struggle to see, but there are three Witch’s Marks there.  And on my right hand, there are three as well. What this means is, according to palmists, that the bearer of one or more of these have known about their magickal powers from a very young age.  For me, this is true, for I knew – instinctively – at the age of 5.  Those of us bearing this cross or crosses have a natural inclination toward the occult.  And, according to studies, only 3% of people have the Secret Cross on their palm[s].  I’m still wondering how I got three of them!   I have also read somewhere, although I haven’t found this information as I write, that the number of crosses you have relate to how many times you have been on the earth as a witch.  I might be inclined to think this a possibility as I have always felt I have been here as a witch before… but not only that, whilst doing a past life regression once, I had the vision of myself being buried in a very shallow grave near a roadside inn where I think I may have lived,  in a wooded area in Essex. I wasn’t completely dead; I remember looking up through slitted eyes and seeing the late afternoon sun beaming down through the tall trees and smelling the tannin in the leaves being shovelled over me. I felt at peace, no longer being hunted and tortured for something I did to help others… as if I were a healer of sorts.  There are other past life regressions in which I have felt it possible that I was, or was at the very least, accused of witchcraft.  But do not take this as actual proof of how many times you’ve lived as a witch.  I could be wrong because I don’t know everything about this.

Psychic Crosses

Moving along to other marks on your palms that might prove you are a witch.  You may also find other small crosses on the mounds of your inner knuckles at the base of each finger.  These are called “Psychic Crosses”.  Now, if you look at either hand, palm facing you, your little finger is ruled by Mercury, your ring finger is ruled by Sun, your middle finger is ruled by Saturn, and your index finger is ruled by Jupiter [your thumb is ruled by Venus, but the Psychic Crosses, to my knowledge, are only found on the four mounds at the base of each finger]. Roughly speaking, having a cross imprinted on one of these mounds means that that planet blessed your birth.  Now, here is a table of what finding a cross below whichever finger[s] means:

Index Finger This is the finger of Jupiter. Therefore, the psychic cross on this finger means that good luck of the Jupiter is by your side. The magical opportunities will arise which are going to help you reach for success. It also means that you have an uncanny capacity for magical wisdom. You can become very powerful as you can absorb powerful knowledge. Wise Teachers are attracted by you. Later in your life you are destined to become a magical teacher.

Middle Finger This is the finger of Saturn. Thus, if a psychic cross is found there you are blessed by Saturn – the planet of Witches. You can learn through both the easy and the tough way. Moreover, you have been blessed by a hard and strict teacher, but you learn Magic through your experiences. You will discover your extremely great power capacity once you’ve found some quality time for yourself. Meditation works miracles for you as well as Dream Magic!

Ring Finger This is the finger of the Sun. Therefore, if you spot a cross there, you are blessed by Sun and Apollo, the God of Magic and Prophecy. You have the power to attract what you need in your life. You are an enchanter / enchantress. This means that your love life can become an inspiration in your magical activities. When you are sexually active you find enlightenment – through the pleasure. Tap into the Solar Power.

Little Finger This is the finger of Mercury. Mind, this changes everything. Mercury is the planet associated with all magical works and divination. Since early age, you’ve met the magical world.  Therefore, if you are blessed with this sign you are born to love magic and be good at it. It means, my darlings, that Mercury – Hermes, the wise god, has blessed your birth making you a powerful mage / witch. Use your brain and your heart to develop your magical abilities.

In case you are curious, my Psychic Cross is under Saturn… which makes sense in light of my knowing I’ve been a witch since an early age 😊 And, it is amazing how spot on it is!

Psychic Triangle

Next, in the palm, you may find you have a small triangle located below your ring finger.  This is called “The Psychic Triangle”.  This is neither a good or a bad thing, depending upon how you wish to view it.  Look closer, this sign may not be that obvious. The palm signs might be pale and hard to notice.  This means that for some reason you have – intentionally or unintentionally blocked your powers. Sometimes, we – our higher selves to be exact – block our magickal powers when we have committed “magickal crimes” in our past lives, or we used our magick for dark purposes. This is a defence mechanism so that we don’t hurt ourselves more.  The key to unlock our powers is love and acceptance of ourselves and others. We can easily become powerful witches once again when we forgive the others and ourselves. Of course, a spell breaking ritual, cleansing, and a power awakening spell will help!

The Healer’s Mark

If you have four or more parallel lines underneath your little finger [on the mound just underneath the finger] this is an indication that the bearer of these marks is a powerful healer. In many cases doctors, nurses, and life coaches have these marks, then so do successful Reiki and Pranic healers as well as witches whom heal. The bearer of the Healer’s Mark has the great ability to touch the hearts of people and find ways to heal their scars, both emotional and physical and can heal through most any method they choose.  As one who bears these marks, my method of healing is generally through candle magick.

Astral Travel Lines

Under the Mount of the Moon, these palm signs indicate a natural ability to transcend time and space.  The Mount of the Moon is located, with your right or left-hand palm facing you, a fingertip in from the outside of your palm inward between the ends of your head and heart lines. Hold your fingertip there and let your eyes follow down your palm and see if you have several thin lines running horizontally below.  If so, you are an Astral traveller! You can Astral travel without knowing it.  Some say that every dream is a trip to the Astral plane but that isn’t necessarily true.  I’m sure you, like most of us have had a very strange dream and your mother or friend tells you it “must have been something you ate”.  Well, that can be true sometimes.  If you already practise Astral travel, then you know when you have been to the Astral plane in a “dream”.  You can even plan to go where you wish in a dream.  A very good friend of mine and her husband would plan where they wanted to meet up and spend time together before falling asleep at night and be able to do so through Astral travel. It was a wonderful thing to be able to do because, you see, he was dying, and he could no longer take her on dates, but this way they could meet in the Astral plane and he was whole and healthy there, so they could fully enjoy their “nights out”.  It is a beautiful way to use this wonderful technique.

This is only one of many reasons to use Astral travel or as some call it, Astral projection.  I call it “riding the hedge” because I am a hedge witch.  I use riding the hedge to correspond with my ancestors and others.  It doesn’t matter what you prefer to call it, nor does it matter if you have a lot of lines on your palm to say you are an Astral traveller, because, anybody can practise Astral travel.  Just learn how to safely and responsibly.  Perhaps I’ll blog about that soon!

So… are you a witch?  Probably 😊

Many thanks for reading my blog.  Warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x



From the Wortcunner’s Cabinet, Dittany of Crete

By Isabella @TheWandCarver
Instagram: @thewandcarver

So, last week we wrote about how Elm [please keep in mind this blog was written three years ago at a different time in the year] was very much a love tree so keeping along those lines whilst springtime still has many thinking of love, what do you know about Dittany of Crete? Most would probably say “astral projection” and you would be quite right! But, it is also a love herb!

dittany of crete
Dittany of Crete ~ Courtesy of Google Images

Dittany of Crete hails from the Mediterranean and grows wild only on the Aegean isle of Crete. It is a small and fuzzy perennial, with beautiful pink flowers that appear in the summer. In Cretan tradition, it symbolises love and is thought to be an aphrodisiac. The local name for Dittany is “Erontas,” referencing Eros. It grows only in the most inconvenient places— on the sides of cliffs and gorges. If a young man wished to truly prove his love to a young woman, he would “climb any mountain” [wondering now if that is where that line from the song came from?] to gather a bouquet of the fragrant herb to present to her. As the legend goes, these young men were known as “Erondades” [love-seekers]. To obtain a bouquet of Dittany, it was said, you had to truly be in love. I only hope they were met with satisfactory results!

Warnings come with many of my writings, therefore, I feel this one must come early on – Beware the sellers of Dittany of Crete. It is best to buy directly, however, there are a few reliable re-sellers. It is a very, very expensive herb. I have seen some unreliable types on certain venues selling everyday Oregano for Dittany. Yes, they are technically cousins, but they are far from being the same. Do your research before buying.


It is said if you burn Dittany on a charcoal disc along with Dragon’s Blood resin and stare at the rising smoke, you will see the face of your intended love. This same incense can be used to spice up a stale love life in the bedroom. You can make love poppets or sachets with the herb along with lavender and other herbs which encourage love. In European folk magick, Dittany is regarded as a consummate love herb. Feeding it to your intended is supposed to cause them to fall irretrievably in love with you.

Dittany of Crete dried
My dried Dittany of Crete ~ photo by i.macy

Dittany is perfect for manifestations of spirits when burned as incense. It can be mixed with equal parts of vanilla, benzoin and sandalwood to make an astral projection incense. It is believed to produce spirit manifestations in its smoke. Soon we will be offering a Samhain Hedge Rider Incense in our Etsy Shop for this purpose. All I can say now is that it won’t be as simple a recipe as the one above and will have not only the ability to travel through the veil but to be protected whilst there as well.
The leaves can not only be burned as incense but can also be burned in the All Hallow’s Eve fire when seeking communication for wisdom from the other side. Dittany is associated with the Underworld and is related to Persephone, Orris and other deities who assist with transport into that realm.

For divination, Dittany can help with the activation of your Third Eye, and it has a traditional use in its ability to help manifest our psychic vision. You can make a poultice of the leaves to rub on your Third Eye or use a Dittany of Crete Oil. Fresh Dittany can be used to make an infusion with a basic oil such as olive oil or sunflower oil.

According to Scott Cunningham, the “juice of Dittany” will drive away venomous beasts, so rub it on your body before entering their domains.” I’m guessing that applies to mossies or any kind of biting or stinging pest. And, as far as I know, perhaps it extends to snakes and the like as well. Personally, I just prefer to stay far and away from the realm of venomous beasties!


Dittany of Crete ~

Dittany of Crete has been used in times past as an external poultice for wounds and bruises. It has antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties due to the phenol carvacrol. Nowadays it is used for digestive tract disorders including cramps, stomach problems, and worms in the intestines. It is also used for urinary tract and genital tract disorders. A beverage of this herb relieves headaches and neuralgia. Other uses include treatment of epilepsy, spasms, fluid retention, and liver diseases. Please consult with your GP before attempting to diagnose and heal yourself at home. There may be more serious illness at hand than you would know of.


Planetary: Mercury and Venus
Zodiac: Libra and Gemini
Gender: Masculine and Feminine
Element: Air and Water
Powers: Divination, Manifestation, Love, Astral Projection, Protection
Sabbat: Samhain
Deity: Eros, Venus, Mercury, Artemis, Persephone, Zeus
Other Names: Hop Marjoram, Erontas, Hop Plant

“A branch of healing dittany she brought, Which in the Cretan fields with care she sought: Rough is the stem, which woolly leafs surround; The leafs with flow’rs, the flow’rs with purple crown’d” From Virgil’s Aeneid

Many thanks to all who read this and warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x

Cunningham’s Encyclopaedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham

Planes of Existence, Summerland, and Spirit Guardians

Originally posted on 03/10/2017 via

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram: @thewandcarver

This one could prove to be a bear to write, especially when you realise that there is no one school of thought, or belief system alone, to write about. There are too many! Still, I shall endeavour to give the best synopsis of it all – interspersed with my own beliefs, as you do – so that those confused by the Planes of Existence, Summerland, and Spirit Guardians will hopefully not be so much…hopefully not worse, anyway! It’s a bit of a quantum physics nightmare, really.

Planes of Existence

In esoteric cosmology, a plane other than the physical plane is conceived as a subtle state of consciousness that transcends the known physical universe. Yes, first sentence in Wikipedia, because it is the only way to say it. There are thought to be seven planes of existence, at the very least [Thirty-one planes of existence in Buddhism]. More worrying is that there are ten different concepts or theories of the planes of existence: Theosophy, Rosicrucian, Thelema, Hermeticism, Surat Shabda Yoga, Jainism, Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism, Kabbalah, and Fourth Way. I won’t try to explain them all or even point out the differences and similarities; this would become a book instead of a blog.

seven planes of existance
from Google Images, author unknown

Let’s just keep it simple for our purposes. The Seven Planes of Existence are:

  1. Physical Plane
  2. Astral Plane
  3. Mental Plane [or Causal Plane] also called Elemental Plane by some
  4. Buddhic [or Mental] Plane
  5. Spiritual [or Unity] Plane
  6. Divine Plane
  7. Logoic [or Monadic] Plane

The Physical Plane is what it sounds as though it would be and that is the World we know, the physical “reality”.   The Astral Plane is believed to be where we go immediately upon physical death.  It is also believed to be where we reside when awaiting birth into a new body, as well. Occultist George Arundale wrote:

“In the astral world exist temporarily all those physical entities, men and animals, for whom sleep involves a separation of the physical body for a time from the higher bodies. While we “sleep”, we live in our astral bodies, either fully conscious and active, or partly conscious and semi-dormant, as the case may be, according to our evolutionary growth; when we “wake”, the physical and the higher bodies are interlocked again, and we cease to be inhabitants of the astral world.”

Indeed, we can visit the Astral Plane either by Astral Projection, meditation, near-death experience, or in lucid dreaming.  It is my personal belief that not all dreams are a result of what you had for supper the evening before but an Astral visit where you may be given clues to what may be happening next in your life and how to prepare for it. It can also be a place in lucid dreaming where you can spend time with dead friends, family, even pets. Their energy still exists, the same as ours, only no longer in the same body as before. And, as a practitioner of Astral Projection it is a place where you can do nearly anything you wish. Still being tethered to your Earthly body, you can fly, you can speak to your ancestors, go to different countries, if so desired.

In Hinduism, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami wrote:

“The Causal/ Mental Plane is the world of light and blessedness, the highest of heavenly regions, extolled in the scriptures of all faiths. It is the foundation of existence, the source of visions, the point of conception, the apex of creation. The causal plane is the abode of Lord Siva and His entourage of Mahadevas and other highly evolved souls who exist in their own self-effulgent form–radiant bodies of centillions of quantum light particles.”

This is what some Occultists call The Elemental Plane…it is here where the thoughts of the Physical Plane spirit in a human being becomes imprinted in the Mental Plane or Elemental Plane, then created and sent back to the Physical Plane. The blueprint for all ideas, all things, is cast in the Elemental Plane, then becomes reality in physical existence at some future point in time.

The Buddhic Plane is said to exist to resolve all problems with the Ego, to become unselfish, and is a realm of pure consciousness. The Spiritual Plane is split into many sub-planes and that on these planes live spiritual beings who are more advanced in development and status than ordinary man. The goal is to gain spiritual knowledge and experience.  According to some occult teachings, The Divine Plane is where all souls are born and then descend through the lower planes; however, souls will work their way back to the Divine Plane.  On the Divine Plane souls can be opened to conscious communication with the sphere of the Divine known as the Absolute and receive knowledge about the nature of reality. Rosicrucianism teaches that the Divine Plane is where Jesus dwelt in Christ consciousness. As I believe in a Mother and Father “God”, this is where the Divine Parents would reside.  I would also believe this is where the Gods and Goddesses, the original children of the Divine Parents would have been born and reside between reincarnations. Of course, everyone has their personal beliefs of whom resides in the Divine Plane and that is quite as it should be, for we all have much we can learn from each other.  The Logoic Plane is the highest plane, it has been described as a plane of total oneness, the “I AM Presence”. Joshua David Stone describes the plane as complete unity with God. The Monadic Plane (hyperplane) or continuum/universe, enclosing and interpenetrating grosser hyperplanes, respectively is the plane in which the monad or holy spirit or oversoul is said to exist. Could this just be the “Universe” we refer to when we say, “The Universe isn’t ready to bless me with more money [insert desire of choice]”?  I don’t really know. To be fair, until recently I have only been familiar with the Physical, Astral, Elemental, and Divine Planes. Perhaps because my meditations rarely result with me feeling as if I have achieved virtual enlightenment.


Reed beds Essex
My idea of Summerland ~ reed beds, Essex

In Theosophy, Summerland is thought to be a part of the Astral Plane. It is the place where souls whom have been “good” go to await new incarnations and some believe it to be the Heaven similar to the Christian view of afterlife. Those whom have been bad go to Hell. And there was me thinking Hell was entirely a Christian concept! Apparently, the Norse of Viking times believed in such a place as there are nine realms under Yggdrasil, with Hell or Hel being much further under the more favourable region to be after death, namely Valhalla, but certainly not Niffleheim, realm of the dishonoured dead which is distinct but closely connected to Hel. Hel is actually a place of not necessarily dishonoured dead, but not honoured, either. Must be pretty boring!

It is also believed by the Theosphians that each religion on Earth has its own area in Summerland to fit that religion’s concept of afterlife. If you are Jewish, you go to the Jewish Summerland, if you are Christian, a Christian Summerland….but! What about people who interfaith marry? What about your friends of different faiths? Would you no longer be able to see them in afterlife because of a difference in practised religion? I think differently. My belief is that religion does not supersede ones’ acceptance into one place, whatever you wish to name it. I don’t believe in division of religions or colours. In fact, in Summerland or Heaven or Valhalla, or wherever, I think we won’t be in need of religion. We will be without the things which caused us to fight here on Earth. It is to be a place of peace, after all, and one where we can be with our friends, family, and pets, regardless of what religion they ascribed to in the Physical Plane.

Spirit Guardians / Guardian Angels

Which brings me to Spirit Guardians, Guardian Angels…call them what you wish, but do call them! Many people of different religions believe we are each assigned a Guardian Angel at birth. I believe so and all with the exception that we are assigned our Guardian from first birth and he or she is with us throughout each reincarnation until such time we become whatever it is we are to be in afterlife. My belief is also that your Guardian will not go out of their way to advise you on any matter – unless you form a relationship with him or her first.  It’s simple enough to do but requires a length of time where you can remain undisturbed by anyone or anything. You may use various crystals/stones to help facilitate your experience such as Angelite or Petalite – both excellent for helping with conversating with your Spirit Guardian. You must be able to let go of all Ego, all expectations, and do not force anything to happen. Simply be. From this point on I could only relate my personal experience but that would be of no use to you and it is, after all, my personal and private experience. Yours will be the same for you, so just let it flow and listen.

spirit guardian
from Google Images ~

Once you have established a rapport with your Spirit Guardian you can talk about many things together.  It’s a little like when we had our “imaginary” friends as children [in my case some were not so imaginary] …but with your Guardian you will know the difference as he or she is very real. Mine is absolutely wonderful. Not only has my life been saved numerous times by my Guardian but my Guardian also helps me to meditate and do chakra cleansing. And, a little-known fact is that your Guardian is an accomplished Reiki master. As I am in chronic arthritis pain with my spine, knee, and hips, my Guardian has relieved my pain on many occasions so I could carry on with work. Your Guardian will have a name as does mine, but it’s my decision to not share that with anyone. What you do is up to you, of course.  But whatever you do, once you have met your Guardian and form a relationship, do remember they have always been here for you and have already kept you out of harm’s way for many years. Do respect and listen to their advice. As a matter of fact, it would be in all our best interests to heed our Guardian’s advice. And do speak to him or her often, thank them for what they do…they are after all, the best friend you’ll ever have.

I’m also of the opinion that the Spirit Guardians inhabit the Astral Plane with us when we die. And I have actually enjoyed some adventures with mine in lucid dreaming. You really aren’t alone in the World, should you ever think so. And so, concludes my little thesis on Planes of Existence on through to Spirit Guardians. I hope it hasn’t been terribly confusing! There is truly so much more to be said but then, as I always say, there are books for that 😊 Many thanks for reading and warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x

PS…Would welcome comments from anybody wishing to share their experiences!



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