Happy Valentine’s Day!

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram: @thewandcarver

Happy day of Love to all! To all the Lovers, want-to-be Lovers, who need to be loved, loved and lost, I hope you find the most important love of all…self-love.  For, without self-love, we are not terribly loveable. If we can’t like/love ourselves, who else can? Self-love has NOTHING to do with Ego, my darlings. Leave Ego at the door, pull up a mirror, and look into your eyes.  Look deeply at the person in there.  He or she is worth love as much and maybe more than anyone else is in the world.


No matter what you’ve done, or perceived yourself to have done, that makes you feel unloveable, why not let today be the day where you forgive yourself…talk to yourself as a friend, give yourself the good advice you would give to a loved friend or family member. Be kind to yourself and enjoy your own company. Tell yourself you love yourself. Don’t stop at today, carry on loving yourself every day and you will find that you can smile more, nod your head at passers-by with a smile, take better care of yourself, and perhaps find yourself more loved by all who know you.  I hope so.

If love does make the World go round, I think it should go around much more smoothly if we all love ourselves as we should, don’t you?  So, Happy Valentine’s Day, dear readers. I love you ❤

Warm blessings to all whom this way wander x