Isobel and a kitten [or, Iseabail agus piseag]

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram: @iseabail_witchwriter

iseabail agus piseag

Nana! Nana!”

The woman hard at work in her garden immediately leapt up at the sound of her five-year-old granddaughter’s cry.

“Isobel, are you hurt?!”

“No, Nana, but the wee peeshack is”

Still concerned, but what her granddaughter just said made her laugh a bit as she made her way to from where Isobel’s voice came.  And, as it happens, there was young Isobel with a small grey kitten in her lap.

Nana then burst out with laughter.

“Nana! Wee peeshack is hurt! Don’t laugh!”  At this point, the older woman’s eyes were literally streaming tears as she tried in vain to stifle herself. 

“Let us see, Isobel”, she said as she reached for the kitten.  After a thorough investigation of the young kitty, Nana could find no reason to think it was unhealthy in any way.

“Right, Isobel.  Why is the kitty feeling poorly?”

“Nana, Grandpa calls it ‘wee peeshack’ and said it has a pain in its backside.”

At this point, Nana just sat down on the grass and began shaking all over with laughter.  It was uncontrollable and Isobel feared something bad might come from it.  She placed her hand on Nana’s arm and tried to soothe her. 

Nana finally calmed herself with Isobel’s help. Still smiling broadly, she began to explain to her granddaughter what her Scottish Grandfather was saying and that the kitten was quite healthy and safe.

“Isobel, you know sometimes a sheanair [grandfather, Scottish Gaelic] is grumpy of a morning, yes?”

“Yes, Nana. He is like an old bear you say!”

“Exactly! Well, the kitty got under his feet a bit and in his way, so he said ‘wee piseag [kitten, Scottish Gaelic]  was being a pain in his backside’!”

“Ohh… is grandfather cross with my kitty?”

“No, Isobel.  He is only afraid he may get into a hurry and step on her.  Whenever grandfather is preparing to go out of a morning, it would be best if you keep hold of your kitty so she does not get into his way. 

“Can she sleep in my room, Nana?”

“I would love to say yes, Isobel, but you must remember that your kitten is not fully weaned from her Mummy just yet.  Mummy cat would miss her terribly and baby would not get properly fed.  Let us wait just a while before allowing her to sleep in your room.”

Isobel looked a bit dismal at the prospect of waiting but cheered up.

“Alright, Nana, but please tell Grandfather to stop calling her a peeshack!  Her name is Bridget, your favourite Goddess.”

No Nana could argue with this, now could she?

By Isabella Macy ©2022

Mòran taing [Many thanks] for reading and warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x