A Beginner’s Understanding of Ogham Divination, Part Eleven

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @iseabail_witchwriter

Muin Ogham ~ photo by i.macy

This week we shall look at the Ogham, “Muin”, which is the Ogham for Vine.  Not all “birth trees” are exactly trees as you may have learned already. Vine has been around in Britain for a very long time, possibly brought by the wine growing Romans. Because of the effects of wine loosening the tongue, it is thought of as the inducer of truth and Vine is also related to prophetic powers.  Muin / Vine is the Ogham / tree for those born between 2 September and 29 September per the lunar calendar adopted by the early Celtic peoples.  It is the eleventh consonant of the Ogham; however, it is the tenth lunar month of the Celtic Tree Calendar.

Representations:  Protection, Peace, Intuition, Truth, Communication, Re-birth, Reincarnation, Prophecy, and Inspiration

Ogham Letter:  M

Number:  11

Colour:  Pink, White

Tarot:  Temperance

Animals:  White Swan

Plant:  Ivy

Divination Meaning:  When you draw the Vine Ogham stave [or card, or piece of paper], use your intuition to delve into yourself to find the deep level in which you must act to deal with an issue.  Only you can know what your issue is, but you do know what it is. You know that you already know the answer, but you must justify it within yourself and bring about a satisfying agreement between your head and heart.  You already have that peace within you. Your intuitiveness, which has been growing stronger, will help you mend this problem… it will be all about truth now.  Truth to yourself.

How to Mend the Problem:  Allow your senses to speed your inner developing intuition and place your trust into this knowledge when it is acting strongly.  Open yourself to harvest and gather all signs and omens that you’re capable of understanding.  Every problem can not be repaired by reasoning.  You are learning that when reasoning fails, it is time to rely on truth and intuition.  The more you use it, the stronger it becomes… like any talent or gift.

I choose the Tarot’s major arcana card, Temperance, as a companion reading to the Muin ogham. The Temperance card is the Tarot’s way of indicating that peace will not be arriving, because you already have it within you, just as the Muin ogham does.  Both signal to you that the only way to solving your dilemma is to find that peace and figure out what is the proper way to attaining it.  If you look to the signs around you, they will guide you… your intuition will know them and help you settle upon the right decision.

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