A Beginner’s Understanding of Ogham Divination, Part Nine

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

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Ogham Coll
Hazel Coll Ogham ~ photo by i.macy

The ninth lunar month of the Celtic calendar is from  5th August to 1st September.  The tree for this lunar month is Hazel and Hazel’s Ogham alphabet is “Coll”, which is also the 9th consonant of the Ogham alphabet.  Nine is a very sacred number to the Coll Ogham and to the Hazel tree.  This number will come into your divination with the Ogham frequently.  There is a tale of the Secret Salmon [the salmon being one of the animals sacred to the Hazel].  This legend see the salmon swimming under the overhanging Hazel tree, and he ate the nine nuts of poetic wisdom. He had nine spots upon him which denoted the nine nuts. There are nine representations which Coll gives us.  Hazel/Coll indicates intuition to lead to the source, to divination, to meditation, and to poetry.

** I must mention here that when you draw a stave, you do not necessarily need to ask a question.  The staves you draw will be your guide for the day or week, depending on how often you like to draw them.

Representations:  Creativity, Divination, Inspiration, Introspection, Knowledge, Healing, Protection, Intuition, Wisdom

Ogham Letter:  C

Number:  9

Colour:  Dark Blue

Tarot:  The Empress

Animals:  Crane, Salmon

Plant:  Vervain

Divination Meaning:  When your query draws the Coll stave, meditate a few moments by holding the Hazel in your hand, if you are using wooden Ogham staves or if you are using the Celtic Tree Oracle cards, hold the Coll card in your hands and gaze upon it in meditation, with the question in your mind as to how does Coll answer? Allow your intuitiveness to lead you.  If you are drawing your Ogham for guidance, again, use intuition.  Allow promptings of your intuition to bring new ideas to the surface. Become a catalyst with those ideas.

How to Mend the Problem:  Your skill in poetry, divination, and mediation can be inspiring to others to help increase their capacity in these arts.  You must be the one to lead by example. Always follow your intuition to the Source.  You will be rewarded with Wisdom and your spirit will sing poetry.  The more you use your gifts, the stronger you will become in them. Never fail to give thanks for the gifts, blessings, lessons, and love received from the Source.

Introspection always seems to lead to new inspiration which in turn leads to creativity. It is when you look inside but do not expect something, the Source opens a window of opportunity to your mind’s eye. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to learn how to do this new thing.  It could be the difference you have needed in your life!

The Empress card in tarot is a wonderful representation of what Coll stands for – creativity, our strong connection to the feminine no matter if you’re male or female, giving of yourself to be of help to others, the urging of reflection upon your gifts and abundance and your gratitude for these things. And because both Coll and The Empress can suggest pregnancy and birth, the number nine is yet again important.

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