Happy Litha 2022 and Merry Midsummer

By Isabella @TheWandCarver

Instagram:  @iseabail_witchwriter

The longest day of the year has just rolled around again.  I hope it is not miserably hot for you, wherever you are in the Northern Hemisphere. But it is now Litha for us and we have a few warm weeks ahead. And a Happy Yule to our lovely witches Down Under where it is Yuletide. We hope you are enjoying yourselves safely.  Lockdowns, for the most part, are over so many will have the travel bug.

my favourite pic of Stonehenge

I am, for myself, keeping to lockdown rules as best I can, being a woman of a certain age. So, I’m not going out in search of a festival, although I would certainly enjoy one!  This is the time of year in the past where, if we could get the time off work or just wanted an overnight “day trip”, off to Wiltshire we would go to see the sunrise at Stonehenge and feeling special because of all the generations of some of my ancestors whom lived there for centuries probably saw the same event at some point in time or another. 

Avebury stone circle aerial view tripsavvy dot com
Avebury Stone Circle, Wiltshire

There are generally thousands who go each year.    Of course, there is also Avebury circle, another henge, which is also located in Wiltshire

How ever you celebrate your Summer Solstice, I do hope you have fun. Many thanks for reading and warmest blessings to all whom this way wander x